Tax compliance and audit

Our specialists have sufficient experience of work in government tax bodies and tax departments of big production companies. As such they have first-hand knowledge of taxation that will allow us rendering high quality services. In order to enhance accuracy of tax returns, we have developed computer tools, which allow automating routine procedures on data collection and eliminating technical errors, while they are being prepared. These developments and knowledge will help us to perform full checks and concentrate our efforts on the weakest spots of the tax accounting.

Agreed procedures on accounting documentation

We will discuss with the Company accountants the tax accounting policy and will check if the main groups of transactions are consistent with the requirements of the Tax Code.

We will perform the verification of source documents of acquired goods, works and services, including VAT invoices.

We will cross-check the list of suppliers, contractors with the Tax authority’s register.

We will check the accounting documentation relating to the transaction with non-residents if it is in compliance with the requirements of International Agreements and Tax Code.


Upon completion of the agreed procedures we will issue the reports on actual results, which will contain all identified deviations in tax accounting and provide detailed calculations. We will expand our calculations by giving references to analytical accounts of the Company accounting records, which would further facilitate the counter-checking by the Finance Department.