Vendor Due Diligence

When selling your business a detailed report can demonstrate the financial health of your business to potential buyers.
Our specialists provide an independent report based on performance and prospects addressing the issues your buyer needs to know. For vendors selling part of their own business, our vendor assistance will help you effectively complete your disinvestments. 
Vendor due diligence is key to a sale process in many situations:  
  • Due diligence will be a pre requisite for bidders; 
  • Potential purchasers are invited to an auction process; 
  • Maintenance of confidentiality is important; 
  • Disruption to the business is to be minimised; and 
  • Vendor control of process and timetable is key. 
The benefit to you is that indicative bids will be of a better quality and you retain control of the process. 
We can also advise on many areas of acquisition terms and documentation including warranties and indemnities, sufficiency of working capital, net debt and completion accounts.