Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of the business philosophy and corporate culture of Moore Kazakhstan and is based on ethical and responsible business practice. 

We strive to contribute to the strengthening of social well-being of Kazakhstan and the society as a whole, as well as environmental protection.
  • We are responsible for results of our business activity to clients and to the community.
  • We provide work safety and stability in our company.
  • We care about professional development and advanced training of our staff.
  • We welcome the exchange of experience and knowledge within our team and within the Moore Global network.
  • We value and encourage self-motivated and committed employees.
  • We support talented young people, providing a base for practice and training of graduates, helping to shape the competence and skills in the field of financial and tax auditing, accounting.
  • We develop new approaches and upgrade software to reduce working time, to optimize and improve workflow efficiency.
  • We use reasonable material resources to support environmental protection.