In todays competitive environment, businesses increasingly depend on effective computer systems. But the risks of failure can be high and the ever-increasing challenge is to harness the power of IT whilst avoiding the risks.
Most businesses have well formulated strategies supported by detailed business plans that forecast the future, whether through new product development, greater market share or overhead reduction.
Some businesses also have IT strategies and plans for the future of their IT environments. However, the question of whether the two branches of the planning have common goals and whether they complement each other remains open.
We frequently find that IT strategies are not aligned to the business plans, with the result that IT hinders successful business development. We will help you develop your IT development strategy in accordance with your business plan or make assessment of the existing IT strategy to ensure its suitability and effectiveness.
Data and reports from key IT-systems provide the necessary information for management to make key decisions. Therefore, the accuracy of data is a priority. Using all our experience in IT-audit, we can assist in verifying the accuracy of data and reports built on their basis.
Adequate security is necessary to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and availability of your data.
We can help you assess the current procedures and minimize risks by joint efforts.