Tax Review

As part of the audit of the financial statements, we will conduct tax review procedures. In particular, they will include a reconciliation with the tax authority account, analytical procedures of objects of the main taxes, analysis of taxable and accounting profit, the validity of tax exemptions, verification of primary documents for compliance with tax deductions and offsets, taxation of non-residents services. We will discuss the identified discrepancies with the company’s financial department and the results will be reflected in a management letter on weaknesses in internal control and accounting.

Our partners have significant experience of working in tax authorities, therefore they perfectly understand the nature of taxation. In order to check the accuracy of tax returns we have developed our unique computer tools that automate routine procedures of data retrieval and eliminate human error. Our knowledge and tools allow us to review clients’ tax liabilities quickly and efficiently and then concentrate on the most challenging aspects of taxation. As for comments and recommendations on tax accounting, we will prepare a separate letter to the Company management, where we will put emphasise on the discovered deviations and provide the detailed calculations.