Legal Services

Doing business always carries a variety of risks, and these are largely legal in nature. When making deals, professional legal knowledge is required to successfully resolve legal, tax, financial, regulatory and other issues.

We can help you solve your legal problems. With our support, you can avoid stress and save time you would have spent visiting authorities and trying to understand various complex legal procedures and rules.
Moore Kazakhstan business support consultants offer a wide range of legal services in the areas of international law, taxation, HR record-keeping, bank transactions, real estate and corporate restructuring.
Major challenges in business development include frequent changes in legislation and the tightening of regulatory requirements, especially for companies doing international business. Nothing creates more worry than suspense and uncertainty. You can have confidence in Moore Kazakhstan because our consultants have a good grasp of Kazakhstan legislation and we are always ready to offer qualified legal assistance to our clients. We arrange all the information you need in orderly categories and then you make the decision. Our assistance becomes a tool to help you achieve your objectives.
Our legal services include:
  • Consulting on labour law
  • Legal support for mergers and asquisition
  • Commercial law
  • Civil law