Audit and Assurance

Your concerns, our solutions

As the economic crisis unfolds, the companies of Kazakhstan try to do their best for their cost efficiency. But there are types of expenses that cannot be passed over to «better times». And one of them is Financial Audit. Our Company is pleased to offer you an opportunity to keep audit trail of your financial performance and save your costs.

At Moore Global, our objective is to add commercial value through all of our services - and that includes audit and assurance. We recognize the importance of providing assurance on business controls so that there are no surprises. Equally, we understand the need to provide advice to help our clients develop their business.

Whether you are grappling with the risks in a global market, starting a new business in your local market or need assurance that your financial information is true and fair, Moore Global will service your needs. We realize it is essential to understand your business and so we closely align our approach with your key business risks and corporate governance requirements.

Within the current market most audit and assurance providers can boast an impressive level of knowledge and experience necessary to provided high level assurance services that meet your business needs. An emphasis is often placed on the breadth of services offered regardless of whether these are relevant to your business.

How we can help you

At Moore Kazakhstan we align ourselves with the market leaders by tailoring our approach to the nature of your organization, drawing on our industry experience to ensure accuracy and timeliness, conducting regular reviews of our audit processes and committing ourselves to the highest standards of technical excellence, professional integrity, and objectivity. Through the added strength of our international network we are confident that we are providing best practice advice.

Our audit approach is based on developing a sound understanding of the business and the financial risks that face it. By agreeing expectations at an early stage the audit is focused on the requirements of the business. This enables us to provide an audit opinion on the financial statements while still presenting the business owner with useful information to assist in future development.

Constructive and challenging audit of financial statements will not only allow you to get real picture of financial situation and results of economic activity of your company but also reveal weak positions in control system. Upon completion of the audit we prepare a letter to the management of the company summarizing improvement proposals for the internal control and accounting system. Also, financial audit is a significant element in the determination of tax liabilities.

Our auxiliary services include:

Why choose Moore Kazakhstan?

Our assignments are principal-lead and are focused to ensure your business systems, compliance and control processes provide the confidence and leadership to all stakeholders, guaranteeing peace of mind.

Our internal and external audit services provide you with an independent and commercially sound overview of the adequacy and effectiveness of your reporting and management frameworks and corporate governance processes.

Being aware of the importance of financial audit, we support our services with the most advanced methodologies and provide for achievement of our clients’ business objectives as well as strengthen risk management.

We are committed to providing management and the board, with detailed reports that fully disclose the outcomes of the audit process to ensure an overall understanding by all parties.