International Taxation

Expanding your business beyond the borders of one country means that the laws of several countries interact, which introduces additional requirements to the tax rules and complicates decision-making.
Issues related to the group's management structure, financing methods, profit repatriation, and many others can have a decisive impact on the level of tax burden, the efficiency of business processes, and the reputation of an international company.
At the same time, tax departments of international companies are usually very busy with daily work and limited in resources and available information.
Moore Kazakhstan specialists, with all excellent qualifications and rich international experience, are ready to provide the necessary support to our clients, regardless of the place of their business.

How can we help: 

Moore Kazakhstan provides the following services in this area: 
  • Structuring and tax planning of cross-border transactions
  • Analysis of the group's existing structure and comments on tax risks
  • Consultation on the development of an effective structure of international groups, including issues of management, financing and profit repatriation
  • Advice on setting up a business abroad or acquiring foreign assets
  • Advice to non-residents on investing in Kazakhstan
  • Issues of application of international agreements and offset of foreign tax
  • Assistance in preparing tax reports and paying taxes 

Why Moore Kazakhstan:

  • Effective and efficient team of specialists has long-term extensive experience of assisting companies from various industries in their international activities.
  • The project team is tailored to the specific needs of each client and includes lawyers, tax consultants and accountants to ensure a comprehensive approach to developing individual solutions that take into account all possible aspects of a particular company and industry specifics.