Our approach to business valuation is based on valuation standards of RoK and International Valuation Standards (IVS). These standards require us to act objectively and independently in accordance with general accepted valuation approaches and methods.

We base our work on our thorough knowledge of the business we value to corroborate valuation results. This is key to selecting the most relevant approach, for it to stand up strongly if challenged and scrutinized by counterparts.

Scope and content of a valuation report depend on the purpose of the assignment and may range from indicative valuations to full scope independent valuation reports:
  • indicative valuations in alignment with your needs to identify key issues and potential value triggers and possible valuation scenarios, which are summarized in a short form report;
  • full-scope independent valuation reports within generally accepted frameworks, where we act according to Valuation Standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan, International Valuation Standards and RICS standards.
The valuation team consists of professional appraisers who have qualification certificates in the valuation of movable and immovable property, in the valuation of business, intellectual property and intangible assets.

Specialists are members of the Chamber of Appraisers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and have international qualifications such as MRICS, REV, FMVA.

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