Investment Tax Preferences

Kazakhstan is well known for its openness to innovation and economic development. The Government provides support to investors who create new production facilities or invest in expanding and updating existing production facilities. As part of this support, the legislation provides for the provision of investment preferences, including significant tax benefits, through the conclusion of an investment contract.
Investing in production is a combination of activities carried out by technical experts and engineers who are not lawyers or specialists in taxation. Preparation of application package of documents for concluding investment agreements is not usually an area of their expertise.
For successful application for investment preferences, it is crucial not only to determine applicable benefits, but also to prepare application package in accordance with numerous legal requirements. Even minor omissions in completing application forms may lead to the rejection of the application for investment tax preferences.

How can we help: 

Moore Kazakhstan specialists can provide the following support: 
  • Analysis of existing documents and advice on applicable benefits
  • Support in preparing an application and a package of supporting documents
  • Submission of an application and interaction with authorized bodies during the application review process
  • Subsequent support in meeting tax compliance requirements within the frame of carrying on activities under investment agreements.

Why Moore Kazakhstan: 
  • Our specialists have extensive practical experience in preparing documents in accordance with the law and interacting with authorized bodies during the application process, and in the further application of tax benefits.
  • Many of our clients have successfully concluded investment agreements and enjoy tax preferences. Comprehensive approach: project teams include lawyers and tax advisors, which provides a rounded approach to performing tasks and allows addressing not only tax but other legislative matters as well.
  • Most updated information: our specialists actively participate in tax legislation development and investment climate improvement working groups, which allows providing our clients with most up-to-date information and use available benefits.